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Shipping policy

Shipping is available within Canada. Most of the orders are delivered the following day between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, and sometimes on the same day if the order is placed before 12:00pm. However, some products require a 48-hour delivery time. Unless a particular situation occurs, all our orders are delivered within two business days, but remain at all time subject to the carrier’s conditions.

Caution: please note that some additional charges may apply if the weight of the products is substantial or when handling requires specific precautions. Customers living in some regions (considered remote by our carriers) may be required to pay a supplement for the shipping of their items. In any of these situations, we will notify you beforehand.

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Cancellation Policy

All communication regarding orders submitted at Kobrex is made by electronic means. Please note that Kobrex is solely responsible for the shipping of your order. Kobrex can cancel an order if the product is out of stock or if the shipping requires extra charges that the customer has not explicitly consented to pay. Kobrex also reserves the right to modify the pricing in effect on its website, without prior notice.

Therefore, if you wish to cancel an order without being charged cancellation fees, please inform us before the order is shipped. To this end, contact us by phone or email before 11:30 am the day your order was placed and a cancellation number will be given. However, if this delay is not respected, you will have to assume the costs for the shipping and return of the ordered items.