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Our Return policy

How to proceed to return an item?

To return a product, please call Kobrex at our Laval office and our employees will be happy to guide you through the steps.

For a purchase made within the last 90 days, there are usually no transportation fees, except in a few cases:

  1. If you made a mistake when placing your order, realised you no longer need the part or if you did not respect the return policy, transportation fees of 15% will be charged;
  2. Electric or electronic parts cannot be refunded. However, exchanges are possible on certain brands only.

For the products returned after the 90-day period, fees will be applied in the following cases:

  1. When a pick up has been requested by the customer; and once the company is on-site for pick-up, the customer then refuses to return the item or is absent
  2. When a customer refuses the order under the pretext that he no longer needs the part at the time of delivery
  3. The customer did not respect the return policy

Generalities regarding our return policy

In regards to aforementioned points, all items under warranty are returnable within 90 days of purchase at no cost. As for the items under warranty exceeding the 90-day period, there will be no extra charges if the item is returned in its’ original condition and at your expense. Regarding the products that have been delivered to the customer, the latter will have to pay the transportation costs for the replacement/return of a part under warranty after the 90-day period. Fees for customs, taxes and cross-border transport are not refunded.

In some cases, shipping charges will apply. Fees are charged when the distributor/manufacturer of the part requests it and when the customer:
1. Decides he no longer needs the part;
2. Has installed the part already;
3. Gave wrong information during the order;
4. Is absent at the time of delivery;
5. Has damaged or lost the packaging;
6. Has lost or damaged a part, the damage not being the result of normal wear or when the damage incurred when installing the part improperly. Damages caused by shipping are fully covered by the carrier. However, a delay is to be expected for the replacement of the part. Note that Kobrex cannot be held responsible for fees incurred when a part suffers collateral damages, and this, in all circumstances.

Furthermore, the return process regarding remanufactured parts is different from the one in place for new merchandise. The shipping fees for the return of a carcass are initially included in the price of the part. Only the remanufactured parts for which a deposit on a carcass was made at the time of the purchase can be returned. In case of unusual breakage, missing parts, damaged or lost packaging, the customer may be required to pay the return fees on the carcass. In addition, the part can be sent back to the customer if one of the aforementioned terms has not been respected.