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If you need to import a large number of parts for an order, you can use this template file and uploads it to our server. You have to enter one item per row and be sure to keep the .CSV file extension when saving your work.

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When you call Kobrex during our business hours, you can be assured to talk with someone qualified to answer all of your questions. It will be a pleasure to explain the different options available to you, while respecting your budget. Giving you the best advice to help you save money is our priority!


In-store pick up

We always enjoy having direct contact with our clients. This is why you can pick up your order anytime during opening hours, at our Laval store (Quebec). We will happily answer all of your questions.


2401, Michelin street, Laval (Quebec)
H7L 5B9

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To talk with an auto parts and accessories expert, we welcome you to contact us at the following number during our opening hours.


Tel (450) 629-6212
Toll Free 1-855-629-6212

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