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Dixie Electric Ltd., Dixie, was established in June 1968 to service the Toronto area with remanufactured generators and starters. Over the years, Dixie has earned the reputation of combining superior service and support with high quality charging and starting products. Our product line encompasses a full range of remanufactured and new alternators, generators, starters, and their components. Today Dixie has grown to a world-wide company with production facilities in Canada, China and India. Dixie has a distribution network of strategically located warehouses throughout Canada and the United States and has a global work force of over 600 people.

In 1999 Dixie moved into its present 17,200m2 (185,000 square foot) facility in Concord, Ontario, Canada which houses the corporate headquarters, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centre. This facility has a management system that is registered to ISO9001 Standards.

Detech, Dixie’s facility in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, China was established in November 2002 and in 2008 moved into the new 7,000m2 (75,000 square foot) building and is actively working towards ISO registration. The Lianyungang facility remanufactures automotive products for the North American after market.

Dixie Auto Electric India (P) Ltd., Dixie’s facility in Pune, India established in June 2003. The Pune facility manufactures armatures, stators and rotors.

Dixie provides high quality electrical rotating products with superior service.

Dixie Electric Ltd’s Management System is ISO9001 registered,

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