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World Class Shocks & Struts

KYB Corporation produces a variety of ride control, hydraulic, and electronic products for use as original equipment and replacement parts in automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, specialty vehicles, buses, aircraft, railroad cars, industrial applications, agricultural applications, and civil engineering projects. Our global headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. 
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By consistently developing world class ride control products, KYB has become the world’s largest supplier of OE and aftermarket shocks and struts. Today, our annual sales exceed $3.8 billion. We have 32 facilities in 21 countries, and 15 manufacturing plants in Asia, the United States, and Europe.

While much of KYB’s overall sales are from automotive shock absorbers, we also produce a wide range of hydraulic and electronic equipment used in a variety of applications in many aspects of modern life. Vehicular and transportation applications include power steering systems, automotive electronics, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, special use vehicles, railroading, aircraft, and maritime shipping.

Other KYB product applications include hydraulic equipment used in manufacturing, testing, lifestyle, and civil engineering projects, as well as special needs equipment such as wheelchairs. The varied uses and applications of KYB products and equipment demonstrate our commitment to helping create a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable society.


KYB’s North American sales subsidiary, KYB Americas Corporation, was established in 1974. With headquarters in Greenwood, IN, USA, KYB Americas Corporation is the headquarters for KYB’s North American aftermarket distribution of automotive shocks and struts. KYB Americas Corporation has grown to over 100 full time employees and operates from three North American facilities with two in Chicago and one in Southern California. Shock and strut sales for KYB America continues to grow, as KYB continues to increase market share in North America.

KYB’s North American manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution are managed by four subsidiaries in the United States and Mexico.

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